My priorities for the County are three-fold:

Housing-Inventory, Access and Affordability

Pursue changes to building code and ordinances:
*Allow for tiny house permanent placement

*Zone for micro-subdivisions
*Revised accessory dwelling unit (ADU) codes for more flexibility
*Allow development of mixed retail and residential housing (condos and apartments) in commercial corridors as a way to improve poor performing commercial areas
      -Advantages include: upgraded buildings, reduction in localized petty crime, building housing above the commercial spaces increases our tax base without increase tax rates, concentration of housing along public transit routes

Incentivize new infill construction:

*Develop long-term tax incentives encouraging existing residential property owners to add in-law or tiny houses units (ADU) for long-term rental
*Adopt a development fee transparency policy
*Allow developers to pay development fees on the back end of the project

*Offer fast tracked permitting and inspections for new or remodel construction that includes ADUs for long-term rental or individual home ownership

1st Time Home-buyer Funds
*A revolving fund to offer 10 years/low interest loans to be utilized for down payments

*Similar to previous program CalHome but locally funded and expanded to address realities of wages and housing costs in the County

Develop an Inclusionary Below Market-Rate Ownership Housing Program
*Utilizes Limited Equity Cooperatives
*Targeted to properties of 5 units or more
*Established as part of the real estate development process

Step Down program for Subsidized/Supported Housing Residents
*Create a safety-net program for individuals residing in supported housing who are ready to explore living more independently

*Goal to free up existing subsidized/supported housing units that are needed for more severely ill tenants

Homelessness and Housing Insecurity

Declare a shelter crisis

Establish a joint taskforce of non-profit housing and service providers along with key department heads across the County organization charged to develop a 12, 24 and 36 month plan to utilize all available resources under the crisis declaration to create temporary and semi-permanent shelter sites

Develop small home sites for homeless individuals with mental health problems,
promotes stabilization of illness in preparation for moving to unsupported housing

Direct funds for expanded emergency psychiatric services and ongoing treatment
*Reduce the number of psychiatric incarcerations

Establish "treatment on demand" drug dependency services

Expand and integrate homelessness prevention services and funds to minimize those entering into homelessness

Business Community and Expanding Opportunity

Offer commercial property owner building improvement funds to renovate commercial corridors

Leverage millennial migration trends by promoting conversion of low-occupancy commercial sites to mixed use for retail, business and residential hubs

Explore zoning changes to allow for conversion of under-utilized big box sites to attract mid-sized manufacturing or flexible/scalable business operations

Support the development of County-based trade school partnership

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